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Our Advantages

We have a global talent acquisition vision by having worked during the last 9 years for Pierpoint, Sixto Recruiting, Kenexa and IBM; four of the leading RPO companies in the world. Our history has provided us with a vast experience and responsibility matrix within various industries. Our staff has the local and global expertise needed to adapt a global process to a local framework no matter the industry or technology utilized.

Our services overview varies depending on the clients’ needs. It all starts with identifying the client requirements, whether is Project Management, Process, Technology, Change Management, CPI or Training. In every one of our services, our consultants will run through the methodology which will work with you to discover, create and close your project.

About the Company

Inside the technology world we are in the people business and it is our goal to guide and support companies that desire to maximize their recruiting efforts. Our clients want to attract, source, recruit and hire the right employees to build and enhance their talent pool. Mynt Consultants' mission is to help these organizations which are determined to improve their selection processes through the right use of technology, governance and communication.

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